Monday, September 14, 2009

Sad News

I'm sad. My first celebrity crush has died at age 57, from pancreatic cancer. I fell in love with him when he was Orry Mane on the long ago television movie North and South. He was so handsome and was such a perfect southern gentleman. He could ride a horse, loved his mama, loved his northern friend unconditionally, and fought for the ideals he believed to be correct. PERSONAL NOTE...I do not subscribe to the mentality that many southerners do, which is, THE SOUTH SHALL RISE AGAIN....and don't care for Mama's boys in general. I also loved the movie he did with Wesly Snipes, Julie Nemar, WooTangChoo or something like that.
I did love Patrick, I was so excited to go the Dirty Dancing. What about that clay scene in Ghost, as well as the last time he got to hold Demi Moore (Molly) before he left for heaven, those are among the my most favorite love scenes.
I loved that he was a ballet dancer. He was so manly and yet could pull off the delicateness and strength of ballet. He remained married to his wife, and didn't get caught up in the Hollywood thing as far as I could tell.
What a sad day....even if it was just a silly school girl crush.

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