Monday, August 6, 2012

What I Found Out at My 30 Year High School Reunion

Bonneville High School Class of 1982, THE BEES, are ready to march. ( I so could have used some word here like swarm, but .... well I'm thinking ... naaaa...might be to much) The ladies in white robes and the boys (yes they were still boys) dressed in emerald green. The caps all carefully placed so that the BIG HAIR would not be smashed too much. Many of us with a handful of rocks to give to the principal as we shake his hand, and receive our diploma. It's one the those days that one never forgets. The "end" of our youth. Every one with plans to move on in a new direction. College, work, more partying, less partying, religious missions, to marry or not, the cross road sign has a direction marked for every one to follow. Of course there are romantic dreams of happily ever after, a white picket fence and 2.5 children, (more or less), toys, boats, and cars, one can buy with the extra cash earned while working the full time job with with a raise from minimum wage. This High School Graduation for many is synonymous with freedom. And of course .... this is the mantra of every graduating class of every high school in every town large and small in American. This last day, a celebration, a memory lane of stepping stones and muddied paths, a diversity of trails over conquered mountains. "Our Future is bright, The world is yours for the taking," and other such sage advice is spoken. And we know it!!! The day has come High School is done. Dream, aspire, take in on, be the change, change the world .... Class of '82 goes on with LIFE!

30 years pass, and LIFE has gone on. What a privilege to be one of this class of amazing, beautiful, people. After the ice breaker party I said to my life long seems that we've (me and my 2 best friends) all settled into our niche. Myself, Mindy, the loud one, the one who still forget that there are limits but still wants to fit in (one too many... Oops...yes made me a bit of lush..) The social butterfly, the leader Lisann. She is the glue of us three. And Heather, the fun loving girl, the cheer leader, the intellectual one, the one that will analyze and wonder out loud why this or why that. That is my group, my trusted ones, the one that kept the secrets, and covered the typical teenage lies. The ones that absorbed the embarrassment of some stupid mistake, who cheered for success, and shared tears at the break ups of first loves. They that knew how life was at home, and who stood side by side as teenage angst got tough. And these are the girls, or are we women, that continue on still to keep all those fun times, sad memories, and the joy of our pasts alive. And finally we got to spend sometime together all of us three, it was fun, it was a comfort it was the same. Funny how we can just pick up where we left off, just a few years in between. These two ladies are beautiful and kind. They have lived their lives with grace. The ups and the downs, as life for us all has left some bruises and scars, but in the end, on the other side of it all this little group is still beautiful, successful, loving friends for life. I love you both. I know it sounds all a bit mushy, but...well too damn bad....that's what's in my heart.

Of course this 30 years past brought out so many others who took the time to share a moment or two. It was so fun to see the people I knew, and the people I didn't. To talk to those I was just acquainted with and share stories with those that were more intimate friends. So much loving, energy. Excitement at seeing a past love, the nervousness seeing friends that back in school were "special" or "too cool". One of the best things I experienced this weekend is that every person I used to pass in the hallway, or stand in the lunch line with or that made fun of me or that I gossiped about has lived a full life, just like me. Theses friends are not just a picture in a year book on a shelf. They are not limited to being the mostly likely to succeed, or the prettiest, or the best couple, or relegated to being the most likely to trip down the stairs at commencement (thank you very much....I did not BTW, but there have been other incidences...that I won't likely share)

We have all had broken hearts, lost loved ones, wished for the success of our children, cried at for them at their failures. We've all wept at death and disappointment, and mourned the end of a marriage, or celebrated divorce, if that was the case. Some are still broken, fragile and nursing their wounds. Many are climbing the hill, living in moment to moment segments of life in order to make tomorrow. The most touching past I learned left me in tears, and really I wasn't sure if I was sad or joyful for success. I learned of one of us that had been homeless, and now has conquered their demond. I don't know about others but I wonder if it's the same, that the reality of our lives comes to this. Just as we learned 30 years ago in a rural Idaho gymnasium dressed in green and white gowns, during a celebration of the beginning of the "rest of OUR life" that the choice of paths we have are numerous, and that we get to take anyone of them we want. And in the end it doesn't matter if I am an air headed lush or if Lisaan is a popular social butterfly, or that Heather is an earth loving intellectual. It matters that we have all followed our perspective paths and weathered the storms and learned the lessons that life has given us.

My experience of you, the 1982 graduating class of Bonneville (say it in your head...I did BONN VILLE) High School is, that you are beautiful, loving, insightful, intelligent, successful, giving, open hearted, open minded, forgiving, fun loving, happy, free, life weathered, gorgeous souls. I loved spending the weekend with you all. Rekindling old friendships, and making new friends and soul mates....I love you all.....