Friday, October 15, 2010

What If

I've been reading a lot lately about the LBGT community and Boyd K Packer's talk in the recent General Conference.  I know that all religions take a stand for moral ideas and that is what works for them.  I'm sure that if there were no moral "rules" then our world would be even more slimy and barbaric.  The treatment of women and children would be outrageous and it's even possible that people would never own their voice to change the situation. 
Look at the past, the Holocaust, what happens in the Sudan, in Afghanistan, and Iraq.  There are so many that have no voice.  Look at America, the children that are raised with morals that tell them they must protect their "territory" with violence, or that it's OK to kill to right a wrong. There are women and men that are pushed around and bullied by their spouses, or their parents.  I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that there is good news in it all. 
The good new is that every one that I know  has a voice. (and that's like..well, a whole bunch..) They can stand up and say NO! I don't agree with what you said, or I don't get why this is happening let's fix it.  Even better news is that once someone stands up to the plate, others will follow.
Boyd K Packer gets to say how he feels, the church he belongs to influences his morals and therefore others will follow him.  That is good new for them. 
The good news for me is that I can see a million other people that have been taught a moral position that may or may not agree with BKP, but they are willing to stand for PEOPLE...Someone gets to stand up for People.  Look at history.  If someone had allowed Hitler to continue would anyone in the world know a Jew?  If there continues to be a moral bludgeoning of  Gays, Lesbians, Bisexual, or Transgendered people will my great grandchildren know some one who is LBG or T?  Sure it seems far fetched, but what if?
I'm just wondering if we all just learned to just LOVE PEOPLE, what would happen.  Love is light, acceptance, and truth. It is peace. It does not include judgment or harsh words.  It doesn't limit a persons morality.  It is just what it is Love.


Sunday, October 10, 2010


Over there on the side of my blog I have made a list that says "Great reads I've shared with Wilson."
Is anyone wondering who he is?  I would if I were reading this blog so I thought I'd share.
Wilson is my Nook.  It's a Barnes and Noble e book reader.  I got it from TD from Christmas last year.  It's probably my favorite Christmas present ever.
I named him Wilson because TD had order it way in advance and Barnes and Noble had sold out, so they were scrambling to get all the orders out before the holiday.  TD told me that it was scheduled to get here on Christmas Eve, so he was getting nervous.  He was joking about the movie Cast Away.  Somehow that deteriorated in to a discussion about Wilson.  We laughed about it most of the day.  The Nook did get here on time late afternoon on Christmas Eve.

Nooks have names.  I didn't know that but, when I was reading the directions it said to name my nook, at first I went for a girls name Molly (which is another funny story it won't subject you to).  But then I was thinking about it and said to myself...uh...what the heck...I should...I will call him Wilson.  It just seemed to fit him so much better.

I spend lots of time sitting in the blob reading books. The blob is a huge bean bag chair that TD got for Christmas that just seems to continue growing.  I don't think it's stopped yet and it's almost Christmas again The blob is really comfortable, but it also tricks me in to falling asleep.  So sometimes I sleep in the blob with Wilson...TD doesn't even care...

Love and Light Everyone!!!

Once in a Lifetime

Today is 10/10/10 so I am posting for history's sake.  
I read somewhere that it only happens every 1000 years.
I did not check that fact though only because I don't want to do the math.
I just choose to believe the internet this time...
Enjoy your once in a life time day!!!!
Love and Light

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sunrise in Sedona

Overlook from the Airport

Some Quail at Sunrise

Lots of pics of the sunrise but I can't pick so you get them all...or well most of them anyway....

My Trip

I took a wonderful trip to Sedona Arizona with some friends that I share similar life experiences with.  Can I just say what a beautiful place it is.  It is a contradiction in landscapes.  There are huge red rocks that jut out of the land, there are white rock canyons, and calm beautiful streams that wind through it all. This is the view from my hotel..

The first place that we visited was what I call the most perfect swimming hole.  The scenery heading to the swimming hole is of course gorgeous.  There is a beautiful sky high red rock in the distance.  I never made it there because I found the swimming hole and didn't want to leave.  Walking up the path to a group of trees it seemed as if it was going to be a long haul, but of course with the scenery.  Just past the trees there it was the perfect swimming hole.  It looked like the stream was coming from the red rock and as it reached the spot just through the trees it spilled over into more red flat rocks that were just at ground level. Then the water fell over the end of these rocks into the most calm, peaceful, clean pool of water with a small beach on one side and then the outlet to allow the water to continue down stream.  I could have sat there all day.  I did slip on the ground level flat rocks and got all wet which was fine.  The flat rocks also made a slide into the pool.  What a great place...The Perfect Swimming Hole...Yahoo!!! I didn't get very good pictures of the pool because I was afraid to take my phone/camera out there since I had fallen once already but here's the idea.

Destination number two I can only describe as Magical.  Again it seemed like the day would be miserable and hot but I was mistaken again.  We drove about 10 miles up a canyon and found where we were to park.  We started hiking down the path and wow, everything just started to open up.  First we walked through an area that had old buildings on it. They were almost all gone but there were a few things left.  An old house, a barn or maybe even another house, and a cave inside a rock.  Apple trees that were obviously spaced for farming, and open fields that may have been for fields of other crops.  A way down the path it was more like a forest.  Just in the forest like trees, was a canyon of white and red sheer rocks straight to the sky, and meandering through that was the same stream of water from the day before.  It was cool and shady and the stream was calling me to follow it.  Then I found out why.  The water had carved out areas underneath the rocks.  These areas were beautiful.  The were crystal clear water pools.  (I'm just not a thesaurus of words today)  Smooth and cool.  Rocks and boulders that had fallen from above poked out of the water.  It is so hard to describe such a beautiful place.  Here's some pics...

Day Three was the dry day.  Hiked in the sun and really dispite how beautiful it was I was dehydrated before 10 minutes had passed.  So I just took a lot of pictures of the flowers and cactus.  I want a do over there because I have an affinity for rocks but my body wasn't going to let me that day.  Bell Rock was the first visit I got some good pics of it and the area around it.  Snoopy what the last place we visited.  You can see him in the distance.  Great energy there...

Shopping in Sedona was terrific!!  I'm not a shopper but I got a few nice things at a crystal shop, and an art show that was in town for the weekend. 

I loved Sedona and I will go there again...

Oh I forgot about the sunrise, I'll post the pics next....