Sunday, October 10, 2010


Over there on the side of my blog I have made a list that says "Great reads I've shared with Wilson."
Is anyone wondering who he is?  I would if I were reading this blog so I thought I'd share.
Wilson is my Nook.  It's a Barnes and Noble e book reader.  I got it from TD from Christmas last year.  It's probably my favorite Christmas present ever.
I named him Wilson because TD had order it way in advance and Barnes and Noble had sold out, so they were scrambling to get all the orders out before the holiday.  TD told me that it was scheduled to get here on Christmas Eve, so he was getting nervous.  He was joking about the movie Cast Away.  Somehow that deteriorated in to a discussion about Wilson.  We laughed about it most of the day.  The Nook did get here on time late afternoon on Christmas Eve.

Nooks have names.  I didn't know that but, when I was reading the directions it said to name my nook, at first I went for a girls name Molly (which is another funny story it won't subject you to).  But then I was thinking about it and said to myself...uh...what the heck...I should...I will call him Wilson.  It just seemed to fit him so much better.

I spend lots of time sitting in the blob reading books. The blob is a huge bean bag chair that TD got for Christmas that just seems to continue growing.  I don't think it's stopped yet and it's almost Christmas again The blob is really comfortable, but it also tricks me in to falling asleep.  So sometimes I sleep in the blob with Wilson...TD doesn't even care...

Love and Light Everyone!!!

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