Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I've told you before, I just want to be loved
Really loved, for the person I am.
The good the bad, the ugly.
With no conditions...Please.

Please love me on the good days & love me on the bad days.
Please love me if I yell , or if I'm sad, or if their is something hard for me to do.
Please love me if I am afraid of my life, my parenting skills, my childhood fears, & leftover sadness.

Please love me reguardless of anything you hate about me.
Please love me if I'm fat, skinny, eat too much, sleep too much, or work too much.
Please love me while I explore, wonder & answer my question about God.

Please love if I never clean, or if I never cook.
Please love me if I wreck my car.
Please love me if I look ugly, say I feel ugly or I just want to be ugly.

Please support me when I try things you know are difficult for me.
Please love me when I have an idea or if I can't follow through on that idea.
Please love if I cry for days or if I am angry over things that are frustrating.
Please hear me when I tell you how I feel.
Please tell me you care about how I feel.

Please protect me, keep me safe from things that are scary for me,
Please promise not to make fun or minimize those things.
Please hug me, hold me, make me feel safe, & loved without expectations.
Please help me feel sucess & not failure.

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