Monday, August 24, 2009

The First

Yesterday I saw the movie Julie Julia. It was so good. I loved Meryl Streep, who played Julia Child. She had her down to a T. The actress who played Julie was great as well. Unfortunately, I don't remember her name...maybe I'll look it up later.
I wanted to start a blog just for me, because I have to write. I have a little notebook to write in, but I thought maybe this would be more fun. I may or may not share this blog, I haven't decided. I can promise that it will be full of stuff about me. My life, my feelings, my trials, my triumphs. I get to BE, but I really gotta write about calms me, and gets the negative out of my head. Maybe I should have titled my blog therapy...but saving myself is my therapy so .... this works for me.

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