Friday, July 6, 2012

It's Not Surprising, Is It?

According to The Daily Herald, sheeple and hypocrisy are alive and well in Happy Valley. It's to be expected really ... I mean what were they to do, someone was actually going to stand up and say "NO! NO, I don't want this in my neighborhood. No! This was promised to us years ago, don't go back on your word!"

Frankly, this gripes me and I'm in agreement with JulieAnn over at Ravings of a Semi-Mad Woman. The people of Provo City should be ASHMED!! I am ashmed for them. Here they are, fighting for what they feel was promised to them years ago, winning, and then BOOM ... A LETTER .... A PLEA ... A THREAT ...

All I can do is shake my head and wonder if anyone will ever pull the wool off their eyes and say .... "Hey, I have a right to this, and your not going to take it away." This is religous BULLYING...YES! I said that the Mormon church is a what? .....


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