Wednesday, June 27, 2012


My blog has been neglected ... for a long time. I have excuses I really do. I didn´t know how to post on my IPad, the Holidays, a wedding, a life .... blah, blah, blah, ....

Really I´ve been keeping ideas in different places, on Pintrest, in my notes, in my hand written note books, so it´s not like I was giving up.

I saved this quote on Pinterest a while ago, and today I thought ... That´s perfect!!! I´ll post that and then I´ll just keep working on my blog .... I´ll just FAKE IT ... I´ll FAKE IT TILL I MAKE IT, until it´s easy and I don´t worry about what I write about.

I have people I know that follow this blog and sometimes I worry about their feelings...I´ve commited to be honest here and sometimes I say things people don't want to know about. So here I am again saying I´m going to continue to post, and say it like it is for ME, and that´s it, PERIOD, EXCLAMATION POINT... (does it mean more if I write out the words like that?)

I love this quote FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT! It´s perfect for a girl like me.

I FAKE IT in my job all the time. Now don't be afraid. I'm not dangerous or anything!!! Nurses have to carry a lot of medical mumbo jumbo around in their heads. Sometimes there are things up there that are locked away in a filling cabinet that's been forgotten about or buried in a pile that's covered with dust. My remedy to this problem is to FAKE IT. YES!!!! I FAKE IT! I carry cheat sheets with me. I have a notebook, some 5x7 cards and a couple of pneumonic phrases I've made up so that I remember things I don't use all the time.

I am a FAKE parent. I FAKE IT daily as a parent. I learned that from my parents, they had no choice but to FAKE IT, with all the kids they have. 6 girls 3 boys, that's a license to FAKE IT. Kids do not come with instructions manuals and as parenting classes are not yet mandatory in order to bear children the best we can to is FAKE our way through it. My parents have MADE IT though, their kids are all grown up, FAKING their own way through parenting. I've partially MADE IT, most of my kids are old enough to be legally responsible for their actions. YAY for me!!! I've even obtained some substitute parents for my Max, so I get to be his FAKE mom every day! His real mom, Sandy is so not FAKE, but I bet she's FAKED a few things here and there. Sandy MAKES IT every day with Max.

I'm not sure about being a FAKE Blogger, because I do have a blog and I have written some decent post, but I still feel like this theme is appropriate for me today, as I just don't know where to go with this blog. Sooo...When I came across this little saying FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT I knew that was perfect. It's perfect because FAKING IT isn't a sign of failure. FAKING IT is a way to MAKE IT work (whatever IT, is).

I'm personally happy to FAKE IT as much as I do. I'm ready to take on MAKING IT, and if it means FAKING IT as a parent, a wife, a daughter, a nurse, or a blogger then BRING IT ON!!!!




  1. Yeah! Glad you are blogging again! I really enjoy what you have to say. :)

  2. Sounds like a pretty good interpretation of fake it til you make it!