Monday, October 26, 2009


I have learned so much in the last 3's more than I can share so I will just list some truths that I have learned.

1. God is not a religion and a religion is not God.
2. It is what it is, rise above it.
3. Rocks are powerful, safe, and provide protection.
4. Belief systems are BS (bull shit).
5. I get to work on leaving my BS in the past.
6. The lessons of my past serve me now.
7. I am not the person behind the mask.
8. I AM a powerful, beautiful, peaceful, open woman of light.
9. I have a creator, I am a creator.
10. I AM.

I am in gratitude for these truths....I am in gratitude for my angels....I am in gratitude for nature, and the answers, and assistance she gives....I am in gratitude for truth and love, trust, and God.


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  1. Hey Mindy! I followed you over from a comment on The Girl with Kaleidoscope eyes...

    I like this list - particularly 9 & 10! Thanks for sharing it!