Friday, July 23, 2010


Created to follow 
to submit 
to "Do Right".
What if what's "Right" isn't the same for me.
Who can say this is the only way to be true,
That it will make me free.

Love one another ....
unless they don't fit.
Unless they are worthy,
you may as well quit.

Bring in more lives,
make sure that it's clear,
line upon line till the precepts
are all taught.

Your agency is free as long as
you follow, watch them, give them the lead.

Judgment and blame it's all for a show.
Who is better, more worthy, not pointing fingers.

Behind the closed doors there is fighting and yelling.
No one says, BE who you are.  I will love you the same.
That's the point of creation, don't you know, don't you see,
All of us equal.
Lady and man,
Beggar and thief.
The couple that love one another regardless of gender.
The couple that marry or not.
The couple that exchange vows in a field with wild flowers,
or in a white temple gown and eternal mirrors around.

Created says.
Everyone has a beautiful soul.
To live with and love, to share with their other...
To BE, to create what ever they wish...


Just a little writing I did the other day...maybe it's goofy but that's how I was feeling...just wanted to share..

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